For the past couple of years I have been re-learning what I thought I knew about health; only to find out how unhealthy I actually was. My journey began when I realized my immune system wasn’t working as it should. You see, during the time I was an IFBB Pro Athlete, I was flying all over the world, in and out of airports, cities, and countries rarely at home for more than a few days before off to another international location. All of the sudden, catching the common cold became a more frequent occurrence; eventually getting to the point that the only way over it was a strong dose of antibiotics. For years, antibiotics seemed to be my answer, until one day they stopped working. It was a scary day when the doctor told me, “I cannot subscribe to you any more antibiotics”. Uh oh, now what?

I was genuinely scared. The doctor didn’t know how to fix me and so I was sent home without their help. I had doubts that I would even get better. For months I lived in my bed sick, scared, and resting, hoping that my body would recover. I was so afraid. I had no experience in this, how do I fix myself? The answer was food and removing stress. I had to make a massive change in my daily diet and it had to be right now. I did a food allergy panel and found that I was consuming things on a daily basis that where inflammatory agents for my body. I found out that I was making myself sicker with every bite of food I ate. That came to an immediate stop. I stopped eating anything that could hurt me and started eating everything that could heal me; and, IT WORKED!


I remember one day waking up with a clear head and never feeling sick again. I had for the first time felt my body change, the sinus infection disappeared from my life. Today after having 2 children, it has been years since I have been sick. I can’t even remember the last time I was sick.


I found my way through to the other side where my body began to fight again and heal itself. It was a long journey, but I had faith it would end. Like all things, where there is an end for one, there is a beginning to another. My beginning started here. I absorbed information about healthy living, all of which lead me back to food. I was learning everything I could about healthy eating and stress management. And in 2019 I enrolled in a specialized course. This last September of 2020, I graduated from that coursework at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), an educational organization sanctioned by the New York State Education Department. Their coursework examined humans from a holistic perspective. We examined ourselves and our environment; including not just food, but stress, spirituality, love, career, and deeper purposes.


Now the real work begins. I have started on this new path not just alone. I am accompanied by my new family. Corey who has been by my side and advocate to ditch the antibiotics and get as healthy as possible, and our two beautiful babies, Faith and Lincoln, who are both just starting their lives. We have become dedicated together to find what really is best for our children. Join me as we walk forward in life together, applying our learning’s to our world of living. I will be sharing my most valuable findings in hopes that it helps you in some small way. We are all learning and living on this planet together. Let’s share what makes our days the best they can be and all get better together!


Here is where I tell my story and share my discoveries. Today, a Whole Foods Plant-Based lifestyle is what I have arrived in as the healthiest way to live. Yet doing so on a daily basis is a challenge for a family of 4.


My mission is to help others achieve optimal holistic health by staying in line with Mother Nature as closely as possible. Our family is living this path together, and here is where we will share our journey.


– Love, Larissa.