Whole Foods Based Lifestyle

My main focus with this website and my recipes is to promote the consumption of more Whole Foods. Foods that don’t have a label or ingredient lists.


I love Whole Foods because they are far more nutritious and satisfying to our bodies. Refined and processed foods are deficient in fiber, phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Whole Foods are satisfying. A major reason why people eating (SAD) Standard American Diet are overweight is because they feed themselves with processed foods deficient in vitamins and minerals. The body is still starving for these vital components of health, so they reach for more and more foods. Their bodies become overfed but undernourished. It’s this overconsumption of highly processed carbohydrates and refined fats that end up on their waistlines.


The majority of my recipes here is Whole Foods. While I do use some processed ingredients, I do so sparingly to give you options and to improve your relationship with food.


The idea isn’t to completely banish processed ingredients for the rest of our lives but to make a slow transition to eating more whole food meals. This gives you a much healthier relationship with food, relaxes your mindset and you learn to trust your body with finding its natural weight.

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